Long Weekend Foodie Tips!

Going away or having a staycation, long weekends are special and worth celebrating.

Celebrating means getting together with friends and family to eat amazing food. It can sometimes feel like a chore prepping for the weekend but we are here to help with a few idea's you just might like.

Have a grazing dinner for a meal but get everyone to bring a little piece of the pie.
Grazing dinners are so fun, they taste awesome and no one needs to cook. They can be pricy though, so why not share the love and the money and delegate.
Cheese is pricy so break that between guests. Let's say you are doing a grazing dinner for 10 people. You need 100g/person for cheese, and 80g/person for meat. 1kgs cheese 800g meat. Break it down further to 5 types of cheese, and 4 meats. Say 5 couples come, break it down as follows.

  • Couple 1- 200g soft cheese, 200g Terrine or pate
  • Couple 2- 200g hard cheese, 200g cured leg (proscuitto, speck, jamon etc)
  • Couple 3- 200g Blue cheese, 200g salami of choice
  • Couple 4- 200g any cheese, 200g salmi choice
  • Couple 5-(you) - get an array of crackers, bread, dips fruits and jam's and antipasto of your choice.

You set it up as they open some and dinner is done! This can be done on the move, out of an esky, having a picnic, anywhere!

Breakfast is the best
Long weekend's allow time to do things a little different, so think about a breakfast party or brunch or just indulging and an awesome breakfast for yourself. Some ideas for ewe

  • European breakfast (basically cheese for breakfast) 
  • Add a spicy spreadable salami to your eggs - mind will be blown.
  • Croque Monsieur breakfast- just add champagne.
  • Try Pepe Saya Maple Butter on your pancakes.
  • Try Morcilla or Black Pudding - so good with eggs.

Try Fondue or Raclette as a late lunch that goes into dinner
Skip dinner and a late night full of cheese dreams. Have an afternoon Fondue or Raclette party. Again it is so very easy and so very rewarding. Great while camping too. Order a pack including equipment hire with us. Everything can be prepped in a matter of minutes and you can relax, unwind and indulge. Read more here

Stock up and go with the flow
Plan not to plan. Just fill the fridge, esky or holiday home with yummy stuff! Grab it and graze the weekend away. Include one of our Ultimate Grazing Selections for the meat and cheese part of the weekend. Shop here

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