Tour de France but with Cheese

The Tour de France is much more than a sporting event, it is the ideal excuse to celebrate the best cheese's and wonderful French food!

In this post we will go through the different regions the race goes through each week and recommend a cheese or cuisine from each region so you can eat your way through the Tour de France!

First let's check out the 2024 Tour de France route.

This year, thanks to the Olympics being held in Paris the race will begin in Italy and finish in Nice for the first time ever.

The race begins on July 29th in Florence and has 21 stages. 


With so many beautiful regions covered this week it was hard to choose but we could not miss the opportunity to highlight some Italian stallions before we cross over into France.

STAGE ONE- Florence > Rimini 29/06

Pecorino Toscano! An obvious choice for beautiful Tuscany, pair this with a Chianti and a side of Finocchiona salami. 

STAGE TWO- Cesenatico > Bologne - 30/06

Heading through the Emilia-Romagna region which cheese lovers will know as the home of Parmigiano Reggiano. Famously enjoyed with pasta but this is an exceptional cheese and best enjoyed on your cheese board. Pair with a generous serving of Mortadella Bologna, Prosciutto and a glass of Barolo.

STAGE SIX- Macon > Dijon- 04/07

As we leave Italy and head into the unofficial cheese capital of the world, let's kick things off with a French goats milk Maconnais.

A tangy, nutty, slightly grassy cheese is soft under the rind and chalky in the inner and is best enjoyed with a drizzle of honey on crunchy bread. This lovely cheese is not available in the deli.. however pop on in and we will offer you some truely stunning French goats cheeses that will be equally as amazing.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of Tour de France with Cheese!



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