Sams Super Simple Pizza


Okay we all know simple is best, and this pizza really celebrates that.

The hardest thing about this pizza is not eating all the ingredients before you put them on your pizza, if you cannot be trusted ensure you obtain additional quantities to ensure your pizza still has toppings!


Just five ingredients, all five can be and must be collected from Pork Ewe.

  1. Pizza Base (2)

  2. 250g Prosciutto San Danielle, we will shave it perfectly for you.

  3. Burraduc Buffalo Mozzarella one packet, read about this amazing and local cheese here

  4. Italian Passata, 1 jar.

  5. Roza’s Pesto or a handful of basil.

Get the base, spread the Passata on, then the Prosciutto then the mozza and cook in your favourite pizza making machine, oven, BBQ, wood fired etc. Dollop some pesto on top or a bit of basil when its done and enjoy!

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