Mezze for Two!

At Pork Ewe Deli, we love making your Thursday night’s easy and delicious…

This week we are taking you to Lebanon for our easiest meal to make, yet.

Almost all of the ingredients are available here at Pork Ewe with only a few exceptions, which you may have rolling about already in your crisper draw.

Your Thursday night dinner is inspired by our in house cooking instructor and Lebanese cooking legend, Rita from My Fathers Table.

Read more about our lovely Rita here.

Rita has done all the hard, making this meal unbelievably easy for you.

Come in store and ask for Rita’s Hummus and Baba Ganoush; she makes them fresh, right here in Newcastle. They are made from her family recipe which means real fresh ingredients and no nasties.

Next grab a jar of olives and some halloumi from the fridge- while not necessarily traditional we like the addition of cheese where ever possible and this warm, squeaky cheese works perfectly with this meal.

You could go and find some Lebanese bread, however we have the most delicious bread from Covered in Crumbs that will do the trick of soaking up those tasty Lebanese flavours!

And as for Veggies, just go with what you fancy. No rules, just fresh and crunchy.

mezze platter.jpg


Hummus (My Father’s Table)

Baba Ganoush (My Father’s Table)

Mixed Olives (Pork Ewe)

Halloumi (Pork Ewe )

Baguette or Flat bread- cut into triangles

A mix of fresh vegetables like Snow peas, Carrot, Radish or tomato, really any that you love, chopped up rustically.

Turkish Delight- optional but highly recommended, Rita’s is the best.

What to do

Slice your halloumi up in finger width slices, get a little fry pan nice and hot with a good pouring of olive oil and fry the pieces turning often until golden. Pop them on some paper towel while you prepare the rest.

Open up your Hummus and spread nicely into a small bowl, do the same for your Baba Ganoush.

You can drizzle a little olive oil and sumac over either if you want to pretty things up, or leave as is.

Pop your olives in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 10-20 seconds.

Serve with the bread and vegetables, wash it down with a cool climate Sauvignon Blanc and cap things off with Rita’s Turkish Delight!

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