Sobrasada Toast for Tea

Just a few ingredients make this Thursday night dinner simple to make and delightful to eat.


Sobrasada is a traditional soft salami originating from Mallorca made with ground pork, paprika, salt and spices.

Due to the semi-tropical climate, islanders in Mallorca are unable to fully dry-cure their meat. Instead, they preserve their meat by mixing it with a local type of paprika and age it for a short time. The result is Sobrasada, a unique cured sausage that has a soft spreadable texture.

It really is amazing and the centre piece for this weeks easy Thursday night meal.

Head into Pork Ewe Deli, ask for some sliced Sobrasada, (100gp/person)

Head over to the fridge and get a carton of our local organic eggs from Tilligerry Farm.

While you are there grab a stick of French unsalted butter because we all know that butter makes it better.

For your olive oil either bring your own bottle and we will fill it up or grab one of our glass refillable bottles of Eagles Rest Olive Oil, from our very own Hunter Valley.

You are nearly there, just grab a Covered in Crumbs Sourdough Loaf and ask for a chunk of our 12 month Manchego…. try not to eat it all while you are cooking.

Lets get cooking…

Slice your bread- chunky is good, 2 slices per person.

Warm a medium pan on a medium heat with a few tablespoons of Olive Oil.

Break the Sobrasada up with your hands and into the pan, all the juices and flavour will start to fill the pan, when you get a little browning and crispyness its ready, remove from pan and keep warm in a bowl.

Set the pan to the side.

Now cook your eggs to your liking, poached or fried up to you, just keep that yolk runny.

While the eggs are on return the used Sobrasada pan to the heat to pan fry your bread, soaking up all the Sobrasada colours and flavours make sure the bread is crisp.

Then put it all together. Toast is first on a plate, add a layer of butter, spread on the Sobrasada, top with the egg and grate Manchego on top.

Season with a little salt and Pepper and wash it all down with a good bottle of Tempranillo and settle in for the evening.

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