Nduja Grilled

Dinner is sorted with this fancy grilled baguette recipe. Although, it might be a stretch calling it a recipe... Nonetheless, it sure makes a delicious Thursday night meal!

We have nearly all the ingredients here at Pork Ewe Deli. Simply grab a little green leafy salad mix for some freshness on the side, and, if you fancy, a lovely bottle of red...
Say, a spicy Nero D'Avola?



Ask us for some Nduja("en-doo-yah") - it's a spicy spreadable salami from Southern Italy. 

Then, grab someBuffalo Mozzarella from the fridge - This is 100% buffalo milk mozzarella. Excellent quality is super important! It should be soft, and smooth not chalky and rubbery, like other poor quality versions.

OK. Now you'll need some fresh, local Olive Oil. Fresh is best, and our Olive Oil comes from right here in the Hunter Valley, from Eagles Rest winery, Pokolbin. Yum!

Lastly but not leastly, don't forget Bread. We just so happen to stock the best bread in town. It's made by local baker, Gareth from Covered in Crumbs. It's so fresh, crunchy and  soft... you'll want some for toast in the morning!

Don't forget to pick some Leafy Greensfrom the garden! 


Serves Two to Four

200g Nduja

2 Baguettes - sliced in half length wise.

2 Buffalo mozzarella balls (125g each)

Good quality olive oil

Salt and pepper to season

Picked onions and green salad to serve


1. Turn the oven or grill on medium heat. Drizzle the inner of the baguettes with olive oil.

2. Spread each side evenly with Nduja.

3. Spread slices of mozzarella to cover the Nduja, season with Salt and pepper.

4. Grill or oven bake, should only take about 4ish minutes

5. Once melted and delicious, slice baguettes into smaller pieces, serve on a big old plate with picked onions on the side and your green salad.

6. Eat with your hands and wash it down with your delicious bottle of red!

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