Porchetta for a WOW Christmas!

Porchetta - a simple Italian classic roast which is sure to be the centre piece of your Christmas table.


Just like all our Christmas whole meats this beautiful roast is Free range, and free of nasties!

Stuffed, rolled and ready to roast, this Italian delight has a gorgeous filling of fresh pork mince, garlic and subtle spices.

Serve hot and crispy it will wow your guests. Compliment your Porchetta with sweet apple or cranberry sauce, caramelised vegetables like beetroot or carrot, of course potato and sweet potato work, or keep it Italian with creamy soft Polenta and Cavolo Nero.

Try our Peter Watson Spiced apple sauce- PERFECTO!


It's all about the CRUNCH

Top tips for the best Porchetta.

No glaze required- the flavour is in the stuffing and good quality pork.
On Christmas eve use a sharp knife to score the skin at 1cm intervals, then place the pork on a tray in the fridge, uncovered overnight.
Ensure the pork is room temperature before cooking.

Need a full recipe? Check out this great Porchetta Recipe HERE

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