Celebrate World Salami Day with Saucisse Sèche and Bâtonnet!

Saturday 7th of September


We don’t really know why this day was created, but we aren’t really bothered!

We are willing and happy to get behind any reason to celebrate salami, no questions asked.

And what better opportunity to talk to you about two new tasty salami’s added to our range.



First new kid on the block- Saucisse Sèche.

A traditional french dry sausage made in Australia from the free-range pork.

Fine pork grind is blended with salt, black peppercorn, wine, then dry-cured until the flavour fully develops.

It is perfect to slice and eat as is with a rustic baguette paired with a big chuck of any delicious cheese, or added to a charcuterie or antipasto platter.

Or just eat it when you feel the need.


Bâtonnet- the other new member of the ever growing salami brood.

Now these are little dried French salami, again made in good old Australia from free-range pork.

Fine pork grind is blended with salt and pepper and made in a little impossible to resist size.

Sold in little perfect packs of three, they are ideal as a roadie snack, pop it in your hand bag and snack as required!

Also great for picnics, cheese boards, and all occasions really.

Charcuterie Hunter Hunter.jpg

Then we have all our other salami including Saucisson, Cacciatore, Cacciatore Calabrese, Chorizo Seco, Tartufo, Fennel and Garlic, Italiano, Morcon, Pepperoni, and Nduja just to get started.

Be sure to come and visit us on Saturday and help us celebrate WORLD SALAMI DAY



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