Autumn Cheeses

Autumn has begun, we love the slight cool change of season allowing us to expand our eating habits and indulge in rich, full flavours.

Here are some favourite cheeses that we think are ideal for Autumn.


Cave aged Quickes Cheddar is iconic and the complex buttery sharp and creamy flavour is Autumn to a tee, pair with a juicy apple (sliced thin) and a few toasted nuts. Pyengana the best Aussie Cheddar around made in Tassie. AND is another excellent choice for a bitey, burnt butter cheddar to sink your teeth into. 


Two year old aged Reypenyer Gouda is glorious and bold. Crunchy amino acid crystals pop in your mouth like candy, and warming caramel and butterscotch toasted flavours really make this cheese a superstar. 


YES, Comte, Challerhocker, Gruyere, Parmigiano Reggiano we adore you any time of the year but in Autumn when we can enjoy you on a cooler evening maybe melted over some fresh sourdough with a crunchy cornichon and a little fig preserve while opening a beautiful bottle of red or dark ale at room temperture, now we are in love. 


Roquefort, Gorgonzola Picante, Shropshire Blue. Huge, intense, beautiful blue cheeses from big cheese hitting countries, France, Italy and England. Again lending themselves to cooler evenings and more intense beverages. 

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