Three Top Truffle Tips

Fresh Truffle season has kicked off in Australian, generally the season is from July to September and the only chance annually to try these gorgeous delights.

We have complied our top tips to make your truffle purchase easy and delicious.

1- Storing your truffle

Fresh really is best when it comes to truffles. Our Truffles are harvested to order so they get to you as fast and fresh as possible.

*Available weekly throughout the Australian Truffle season, orders close every Friday, ready for the following weekend.

How to store your truffle.

  • Truffles are best enjoyed 5 – 14 days after harvest, which is why truffle dogs noses are so well trained to find the mature truffles and our logistics system works so quickly, so that you have the maximum time with the truffle in its most perfect condition.
  • Truffle should be kept between 2 to 4 C. Keep it in a sealed container in the fridge, along with some uncooked rice to absorb any moisture and it should be kept in the vegetable draw.
  • You can also store truffle in a sealed jar with some eggs so they absorb the truffle aroma through their semi permeable shell.  

2- Waste nothing!

One truffle can really goes a LONG way. The minimum weight for a truffle is 30 grams which can certainly host a party of 4-6 but you want to be sure to have a plan on how to use your truffle and any little left overs you have.

Make life easy by ordering our truffle pack (which includes your truffle). All the things needed to use up that entire truffle. From truffles eggs, to risotto and much more.

Check out what's included and order your pack below HERE

3- The yummiest recipes to try!

A truffle has the most gorgeous, delicate and intoxicating flavor and aroma. Your recipe choices need to highlight that and not over power the truffle. You really cannot beat scrambled eggs with truffle. Very simple but so impressive. The creamy rich eggs just love the earthy truffle flavour.

But, if you want to take things up a notch here are a few of our favorite recipes to try your hand at.

Gordan Ramsay's Truffle Pasta

Baked Potato, Brie and Truffle

Truffle Chicken

Now all that is left to do is order your truffle today


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