The Pork Ewe Christmas TOP 3 Checklist!

Just 3 of our favourite things essential for your Christmas happiness..
We love Christmas here at Pork Ewe but to be honest it can feel somewhat overwhelming (especially if you work in retail) That's why we have put together a list of the top thing you need from us to ensure your Christmas is delicious, easy, and organized!
Leaving plenty of time for relaxing, family time and festiveness!
#1... HAM
It really isn't Christmas without ham, and let's face it - there will always be left overs and the last thing you need is 2 weeks worth of average ham.
Our ham is so so so good. From a farm in central NSW which raises, happy, healthy FREE RANGE piggies. The awesome quality pork is taken to our small Italian producer in Sydney which and lovingly made into ham, by HAND using age old family techniques the delicious 100% Australian free range hams are soaked in a honey bath before being double smoked over Applewood & Beechwood with a mix of herbs and spices. This 6 day process results in a beautifully tender, delicious ham with flavour that is second to none. No additives or colours, allergen, gluten & hormone free. No glaze required it tastes so good straight up but if you want that fancy feel, glaze away! 
#2... Christmas Graze Selection
You need quality grazing ingredients to fill your festive fridge and we have two options, the PED Selectin or the Ultimate Selection, depending on how large you need to go. Both are full of our very favourite cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments. Enjoy bit by bit over the festive days or use as a Grazing lunch/dinner for the whole family. If you want to select exactly what you want (we love doing that for you but you do you) then contact us and we will help you create a custom order!
#3.... Gifts, gifts and more gifts
We are a one stop shop. We have all those foodie lover gifts covered! With both online and instore options available you can get your shopping done and dusted with time to spare.
Gift certificates, Hampers, Cheese club memberships, cheese selections, beautiful homewares and speciality foods to spoil and excite! 

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