Burraduc Farm - Mozzarella and Buffalo Products

Burraduc Buffalo Dairy.

Beautiful local producers of award winning buffalo cheese located in Bungwahl NSW.

We are totally obsessed with their authentic and award winning mozzarella, which we have available in-store as frequently as possible (most weeks)

On occasion we also feature their Dolcenina cheese, Buffalo Feta and Buffalo Yoghurt.

True artisan producers, check out their page to follow the adorable buffalo here.

Burraduc recently won PRODUCER OF THE YEAR at Delicious awards 2023!

"This  not the first year that the Swegens have been lauded for their buffalo milk products; they took home the gold medal in the From the Dairy category in 2022. But this year, the couple has upped the ante. They’ve been awarded the highest accolade of Producer of the Year. One taste of Burraduc products, and it’s not hard to see why. Pot-set yoghurt so rich you can stand up a spoon in it; dreamy, creamy burrata and mozzarella; dazzlingly bright blocks of feta; and richly marbled, slightly gamey buffalo sausages are just the beginning." Read the full article here.

About Buffalo milk products
Compared to cows’ milk, buffalo milk contains 43% less cholesterol, 62% more calcium, 40% more protein and contains high levels of the antural antioxidant tocopherol. Buffalo milk can be suitable for people with cow milk allergies.

About Burraduc Farm
Burruduc Farm is the only NSW water buffalo dairy that is producing fresh milk and artisan cheeses by traditional methods in an A grade facility on the farm. It's a family-owned business wanting to showcase the full cycle of on-farm organic primary production: healthy soils and nutritious pastures enjoyed by healthy animals that are treated with love and respect, which produce wholesome clean milk, which is then turned into fresh dairy products using traditional methods.

The water buffalo herds are organically managed and pastured all year. Calves are allowed to stay with their mothers and graze freely and Elena and Andrei practice conservation agriculture and treat the ecosystem that supports us with the utmost respect.

Burruduc Farm is predator-friendly and does not endorse the killing of native or introduced wildlife. 

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