Beer and Cheese a match made in heaven.

When we think of cheese paring  most people go straight to wine and cheese but there are so many other drinks that pair amazingly with cheese.

There is gin and cheese, scotch and cheese, cocktails and cheese.. or beer and cheese.

Here is a little "how to" on matching beer & cheese so you can explore and experience some amazing flavour combinations. Again like any pairing the rule generally is all about balancing flavours to compliment both the beer and the cheese. So let's get into it.

Blue & Beer

Blue cheese is diverse and so are the pairing possibilities. If you prefer a creamy, milder blue they it will work perfectly with an American IPA. The bitterness pairs lovely with our creamy, salty and mild blue Fourme D'ambert.

If you prefer big, bold blues like Roquefort or Gorgonzola Picante pair it with a malty English Ale!

Funky Washed Rind 

Love it stinky, funky and full flavoured like Epoisses? Then the beer of choice needs to be a little acidic, full flavoured as well as good carbonation.

Try a French Farmhouse Ale or a strong Belgium Ale.

Aged Cheese

Hard, earthy, nutty, caramelly, aged cheese like a Reypenyer Gouda are enhanced with the right beer. Beautiful caramel flavours with beers that share a similar characteristic will enhance each. Think an Amber ale and aged Gouda. A traditional English Cheddar is complex, earthy and acidic so try it with a beer like a London IPA. We could go on. Aged cheese and beer combo's are pretty amazing. Again just think of the defining flavour in each and match similar flavours.

Bloomy Rinds

Younger and fresher bloomy rind cheese like a young Chabichou du Poitou or a gorgeous La tur are full of lactic, milky and sweet flavours are complimented by a traditional wheat beer, again some lovely carbonation will help cleanse the palate.

For a more developed bloomy rind like Brie Fermier or even Delice des cremier take things up a few notches.

And if you aren't confident to match your own beers just come instore with a selection of 4-5 beers and we will match them for you- it is one of our favourite things to do!

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