Our Cheese Club

The Pork Ewe Club

We have a club. A cheese loving club full of Pork Ewe people who also love cheese. Hard core foodies that want to enjoy the best of Pork Ewe as well as the best of our seasonal lunches, our partner offers and the VIP treatment.

With a variety of membership options and a load of foodie fun throughout the year. Let us talk you through the options.

Tier one - Gastronomic Society Membership

Gastronomic Society is an annual membership that unlocks a year of delicious food & fun! Members receive exclusive discounts instore and the option to subscribe to our monthly cheese society boxes. For some the most important benefit is your exclusive access to our members only events and first access to our public events.

Tier Two- The Taste Tester

Included is the Gastronomic Society annual membership and all the trimmings as well as a Pork Ewe Cheese Club Box on the month that you join up. The box includes a selection of 4 cheese's as well as detailed information on why we selected the cheese, what makes it special and often a little something to surprise you. 

Tier Three - The Seasonal Selection

Again you receive the Gastronomic Society annual membership and all the fun that comes with it as well as 3 month's worth of our Pork Ewe Cheese Club Box! Giving you the cheesiest three month's of your life and VIP treatment instore.

Tier Four- The Whole Hog

This is for our hard core Pork Ewe People. Of course you receive the Gastronomic Society annual membership and all the sprinkles. PLUS 12 Months of Cheese Club boxes... that is 12 beautiful boxes of cheese, exploring 48 cheeses over the course of the year. Not to mention an additional instore discount on your cheese purchases (because no one can ever have enough cheese) First pick on any events and VVIP treatment. 

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