Our Grocery Selection

This is what weekly groceries should look like. The very best quality of the very best items you’ll look for time and time again when you open the pantry doors.

Choose from the best in Australia and around the world. San Marzano Tomatoes, Spanish Wood Smoked Piquollo Peppers and Paprika, French Terrine, Rillettes and Confits. Not to mention hot chocolate to chutneys, grains, salt, truffle chips and more, we’ve got the goods to whip your kitchen into shape!

We also stock a number of quality local products such as The Little Big Milk and Cream, Tilligerry Eggs and Free Range Chicken, Covered in Crumbs Sourdough, local wholesaler Fruit and Vege Boxes, Eagle's Rest Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus much more.

To place an order, simply click here to download our order form and email to foodie@porkewe.com.au