Spanish Flavours Hamper

Spanish Flavours Hamper

Prepare the sangria,  you're going to be creating some delicious Spanish cuisine with this hamper.

Spanish Bomba Rice 500g

Bomba is a superior short grain rice from Spain. It is the best rice for cooking your paella. Bomba absorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the normal two), yet the grains remain firm to the bite.

Pina Saffron 1g

‘Pina’ Saffron is considered one of the finest in Spain and around the world. They continue the tradition of freeze drying which retains the vibrant colour and aromatic flavour.

La Lidia Smoked Paprika 75g

Paprika or pimentón is one of the essential ingredients in Spanish cooking. It adds flavour depth to everything from paella to chorizo sausage.

La Tapia Pedro Ximenez Reduction 100ml

This extraordinary syrup, is made from Pedro Ximenez grapes, left to ferment on the vine and then slowly cooked. Creating complex sweet caramel flavours. Great in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Pedro Ximenez Balsamic 25year 250ml

Sweet and sour vinegar pressed from the rich late-harvest Pedro Ximénez grapes grown in the south of Spain. This exceptional “Gran Reserva” vinegar is aged in American oak barrels. Use to add a rich, fruity flavour to dressings and marinades.

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