Gourmet Salt & Pepper Range

Gourmet Salt & Pepper Range

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Use these uniquely flavoured products to make final finishing touches to your dishes.

Sea Salt with Black Truffle and Pepper 110g

The complete condiment to give your dishes the edge with a hint of truffle.

Sea Salt with Rosemary & Lavender 110g

Beautifully fragrant, use this as garnishing salt or mix with olive oil for a dipping sensation.

Sea Salt with Parmesan Cheese & Basil 110g

Crack over your pasta, potatoes, meat and just about anything else. This is a classic combination of flavours.

Gold Himalayan Rock Salt 110g

Pink Himalayan salt infused with gold dust will add flavour and flare to a wide range of dishes, try it sprinkled over Foie gras, a salad or to make your next margarita sparkle.

Gold White Pepper 55g

Elevate your meals to the next level with the unique sparkle of gold pepper. Add to just about any dish, your imagination is the only constraint.

Duo Gold & Black Pepper 55g

Perfect present for the foodie with it all, this shimmering pepper will illuminate the simplest dish.

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