Our Charcuterie Selection


Charcuterie (shahr-cute-uh-ree) is French for smoked, dry-cured or cooked meats.

The French word for a person who prepares charcuterie is charcutier, often translated as "pork butcher", which has been attributed to the common misunderstanding that charcuterie only involves pork, but that is far from the truth.

Our selection includes proteins such as beef, veal, duck, pork and chicken, with a abundance of flavour and spices such as garlic, tomato, chili, paprika, coriander, nutmeg, red wine, rosemary, thyme and fennel.

Take a sensory journey through France, Spain, Italy and back again! Below is a list of our most popular charcuterie products with many more in-store!

Our featured products include:

  • Proscuitto San Danielle

  • Jamon Iberico

  • Sopressa

  • Capacollo

  • Chorizo Seco

  • Mortadella

  • Pancetta

  • Lomo