pork ewe deli, a food lovers dream

Sam a foodie from way back, is most at home in the comfort of her kitchen, creating food for her family and friends.

Spending much of her career in the hospitality industry she studied the foundations of French traditional cuisine based on Escoffier’s techniques and approaches, igniting her passion in French and European fare.

While studying, her food of choice on a limited budget was a good hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine on the floor of her share house. Not much has changed these days except maybe the share house.   

While living in Europe her love for food was further fuelled. Discovering hidden foodie gems in narrow cobbled streets, dining with the locals and eating amazing produce was hard to leave, sparking a desire to recreate this experience at home .

“Like many Australian’s, I fell in love with the European culture’s, the strong connection between farmer, family and food, which really translates into their quality produce”

“I have always taken pleasure hunting for produce that was unique, good quality and above all exciting to eat, dragging my family into countless deli's, providores & farms,  It has been a life long dream to translate that passion into a reality. Being able to share my love and excitement for food with my customers is why I love what I do!” 

When you open the doors of Pork Ewe Deli you are transported to Markets of Paris or Rome, the smells, the tastes and of course the feel, a local place where you feel welcome to take your time, immersed in cheese, charcuterie and exciting speciality European groceries.

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