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A Greek Food Odyssey day one

Woops I missed the turn off to Pork Ewe Deli and found myself on an Emirates flight to Dubai and then Athens, Greece. A delightful 21 hour commute! Seriously if you haven’t flown Emiratesbefore do yourself a favour and give them a go. Great service, comfortable spacious new aircraft and food that actually tasted like food!!

So here I am with my husband Simon, in Athens, WOW! We did mean to come here about 25 years ago when backpacking but ran out of money and ended up in London working in a pub. Any how that’s a whole other story. So I thought it would be fun to share our foodie adventures while we are here. As you can see I am sitting on the rooftop terrace of our digs looking at the Acropolis. Keep pinching myself, cant believe we are this close. We keep imaging the millions of people over the centuries who have walked these streets and looked out onto this view.

We started the day watching the sun rise over the Acropolis and seeing the city wake up. Our hosts had left us some amazing local produce which we feasted on for breakfast. Simple & delicious, fresh ripe fruit, thick creamy local Greek yoghurt drizzled with honey. YUMMO

Keen to explore we set out on foot wandering the streets close by and stumbled across a small square with the ruins of 2nd century Roman Bath and the cutest bakery you have ever seen. Turned out to be the best we saw all day, we should have know by the steady stream of locals getting all manner of breads, pastries, sweets and delicious Tiropita – flaky pastry breakfast snack filled with feta, cottage and cream cheese. Heaven! (Sorry no photo we scoffed it before we remembered! Just so you can see how good they I will make myself have another one and take a photo then!!)

Feeling very satisified we set off for a day of sightseeing & found some delicious street food along the way. More on that next time ….

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