Smoked Seafood has never been so good!


Brilliant Food are VERY good at what they do, sourcing incredible Australian seafood to create an array of outstanding smoked delicacies.

They are our go-to this Easter for seafood that will have you wishing every Friday was Good Friday, better yet, they do the work so you don't have to!


So where to start?

Smoked portions of Ocean Trout, Salmon or King Fish...

A perfectly delicate fillet of Tasmanian Ocean Trout, pink on the inside, beautifully fresh with an unmistakable smoky flavour. Wood Smoked Salmon is filleted and all bones removed then hot smoked. Lovely and moist. Hot Smoked Trout King Fish is cut into medallion sized piece then smoked. They have a wonderful sweet caramelised flavour. And they are all bone free and antibiotic free!


Ocean Trout Gravlax is sourced from Tasmania, using only the freshest, premium quality fish which is cured using traditional Scandinavian preserving methods.  



Trout or King Fish Rillette, almost like a chunky dip, the fish is combined with butter, yogurt and olive oil then flavoured with an array of spices, truly delicious spread on crunchy bread, added to pasta or an easy Canapé.


Now to accompany the fish, Brilliant Foods Pickled Tuscan Onions are a soft, sweet thinly sliced red onion which will burst on your taste buds. Or the Wasabi Cream, this subtle tasting cream is the perfect pair to our Smoked Ocean Trout or any potato dish! Or the trifecta,  Smoked Ocean Trout, Pickled Tuscan Red Onions and Wasabi Cream try the below recipe.



20 Canapés
400g Brilliant Food Smoked Ocean Trout
200g Brilliant Food Wasabi Cream
200g Brilliant Food Pickled Tuscan Onion
20 shortcrust tartlet pastry cases
Sprig of dill (optional garnish)

Canapé assembly  and
First give a small blob of Brilliant Food Wasabi Cream in the bottom of the pastry case, top with a nice rustic chunk of Brilliant Food Smoked Ocean Trout & garnish with a small amount of Brilliant Food Pickled Tuscan Red Onion and a dill sprig.




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