A Greek Food Odyssey Part Two

Day two is full of Gyros, Graviera Kritis, Taverna, dolmades!


What a fantastic few days in Athens, we have fallen in love with this city. Spending countless hours wandering the streets immersing ourselves in the history & culture and of course the food.

Where do we start with the food??

The maze of back streets lead us further and further away form the tourist hot spots and we stumbled across a tiny shop with a beautiful kind Greek mama, who served us Gyros, as the store was so small we sat on the street enjoying authentic delicious Gyros and ice cold Mythos beer, it was the definition of "cheap and cheerful"

We navigated our way to the central food market and as with most European markets the quantity and quality of fresh produce blew me away. Stalls selling a endless variety of produce, from the rabbits easily identifiable with their fluffy tails still in place, the cheese, vegetables, seafood, small goods, nuts and herb stalls.

 I met Maria who runs a stall selling Cheese. She insisted I taste her best Cheese – Graviera Kritis. A hard sheep's milk (sometimes mixed with Goats milk) cheese from Crete. Co-incidentally we will be spending a week Crete later in the trip so am planning on sampling more then! I learnt that it is one of the most popular cheeses in Greece. Maria's version had a strong sweet & spicy flavour, and had been aged for 12 months.  We could not resist and bought ourselves a wedge, grabbed some olives, bread and enjoyed it on our rooftop terrace that afternoon.

Our final stop in Athens was at the base of the Acropolis with some friends from Stockton who were there for the day as part of their cruise! So fun catching up on the other side of the world. We had seen this lovely Taverna when we had been out & about earlier and decided to have lunch there. A delicious home style meal of dolmades, fish, lamb and octopus. Washed down with local wine and a shot of mastic to finish!  OOOPA!





Samantha Glover