Tilligerry Organic Eggs

Terry Barton has run his certified organic Farm, Tilligerry Organic Produce since 1996, making beautiful eggs as natural as they come.

Terry has a modest 300 head of lovely ladies (chickens) and just 3 very lucky roosters.

They all graze very happily in the field, living a fairly relaxed life. Relying on grazing alone the chickens would strip the farm of it's essential insects and bugs in order to obtain the protein required to to lay. Therefore they are also fed on organic grain, enriched with protein essential for the production of eggs. 

Terry does not add any colouring, commonly added in both organic and other egg farming practices to achieve a bright yolk. This means the yolk is natural in colour, producing interesting colour variations.

Terry is about good, old fashioned farming with no intervention and really the proof is in the taste. 

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