Mimolette Vieille

With an other worldly look, you could be forgiven for thinking this cheese was a result of a recent meteor shower.

Originating around the town of Lille, in the Flanders area of Pas-de-Calais, northern France.

The birth of this cheese is debatable. Mimolette has similarities to that of a Dutch Edam, some suggesting that the recipe came from the Netherlands, while others insisting it is French.

We don't mind really as it is absolutely delicious, however history suggests during the 17th century, foreign cheese imports to France were prohibited. As the French were enjoying much Dutch cheese at this time, the people of northern France had no choice but to start producing their own versions of of their favourite Dutch cheeses.

Once you work your way through the crater like hard surface you will find a pop of orange colour.

The colour is derived from the Achiote plant, native to South America. The seeds are processed and used as a natural food colouring.

The flavour is bold, sharp and tangy. The smooth crumbly, crunchy texture harness the flavour of salted hazelnuts and savoury ham.

A striking addition to your next cheese board, try pairing with a dessert wine or light bodied red wine.

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