Monte Veronese DOP di Malga

The Monte Veronese DOP di Malga is the more mature sibling in the Monte Veronese family, aged for a minimum two years.

Produced since medieval times this ancient cheese is from the Lessini Mountain region of the Verona Alps.

 15 diaries are allowed to use the Monte Veronese DOP label, the area praised for it's beautiful lush pastures, which cows happily graze upon, producing the beautiful and interesting flavours of this cheese.

monty mountain.jpg

Almost a cross between Parmigiano Reggiano and cloth bound Cheddar, the flavours are sweet and fruity, almost tropical with a crumbly texture, gentle bite, creamy and a crunchy texture finishing with the charming grassy flavours of the alpine pastures where it has always been produced.

This cheese has also been entered into the Slow Food Presidia, which has a focus on preserving traditional food production throughout the world.

An exciting cheese and one that would stand wisely on your cheese board, in a salad and adding beautiful flavours to your cooking.