Cheese Towers

The perfect way to celebrate your big day!

Photo by Nic Donohoe Photography

Photo by Nic Donohoe Photography

Cheese towers are quickly replacing traditional desserts at wedding's, who could resist a gorgeous tower of cheese, it's not just the aesthetic's of course, it's the very exciting cheese selection that goes into creating the tower. Not only weddings but just about any occasion that calls for dessert these days, people are choosing to celebrate with cheese.

We are fortunate enough to be apart of countless weddings and events each year. The decision to incorporate cheese into an event is made and we receive an email to get the ball rolling.

Usually the email mentions that they are not sure where to even begin, and of course there are a few things you need to consider when starting cheese tower planning, so we thought we would help you get started.

First thing..... How much cheese do I need?

This depends on a few factors, how many people? Is it served as a starter, a main or dessert? If it is dessert, will you be serving cheese only, or will there be a traditional dessert as well... And are my guest cheese piggies? Which can call for a little extra than the norm to bulk things up.

A rough guide of 60 grams of cheese per person if it is served as dessert alone or a starter, half that if it is a dessert accompanied with a traditional dessert.

A great little tip..... the bride and groom are often too busy being the center of attention and sometimes miss out on the cheese. When ordering your tower also order a little platter of the same cheese that's in tower but it is just for you two, then you can enjoy the cheese without having to compete with the masses.

How much to spend..

Cost can vary hugely, depending on the number of guests, amount of cheese and of course the quality of cheese. Therefore  it is important to get an idea of your budget, otherwise we might be designing the most incredible tower that is outside of your affordability!

Which cheese will you choose!

The world of cheese is just massive, and it can be hard to narrow down he choices. We book you in for a cheese tasting but before then it is important to a have an idea of types of cheese you love, and what your want included. You need to be brutal. Also keep in mind that not all cheeses are ideal for a tower, you may love Comte for instance but as it comes in a 26 kg wheel you would need to have a wedding the size of an army, so flexibility is important.

Maintaining and presenting the tower...

Now cheese is pretty hardy but out doors and especially when it comes to soft cheeses, things can be tricky.

You do need to consider the weather, if it is summer, or the wedding is outdoors you wont able to present the tower for a very long at all. You may consider having it displayed on arrival and then removed and refrigerated for a period before it is brought out again. 

Decorating is easy as the cheese itself looks amazing, but if you want to jazz it with some flowers from your wedding, fruits and nuts, the possibilities are just about endless.

Let's eat the cheese.

When the cheese is ready to be eaten you will need the caterer or venue to break down the tower, and present the cheese, think about how you want this look as well. If you have chosen very hard cheese's you will need to confirm that the caterer/venue has the correct tools to cut the cheese.

Photo by Nic Donohoe Photography  Credit - Nic

Photo by Nic Donohoe Photography Credit - Nic

So before you taste the cheese....

- Figure out how much you need

- Ascertain how much you would like to spend

- Discuss your needs with the venue

- Decide on your cheese favorites

- Book in for a cheese tasting!


So when you are ready, simply visit our Wedding Page and book in!

We look forward to seeing you!