An unknown delicacy from Majorca!

In Spain, sobrasada is a legend among a never ending array of cured delicacies. Unfortunately here in Australia, this flavour sensation has a much smaller reputation.

A resident of the Balearic Islands, made from the ground meat of the local porc negre, or 'black pig', which is related to the ibérico pig of the mainland. It is seasoned with paprika ground from local red peppers and has a soft spreadable texture.

The texture is due to the air on the Balearic Islands being too humid for the ham to be air dried, as it would be in some areas of mainland Spain. Instead, the climate allows sobrasada to develop a beautiful pate like texture.


Sobrassada has been around since the Middle Ages. However, around the 15th century, thanks to trade with the America's, the addition of Paprika was added and Sobrasada was cemented as a Majorcan identity.

There are so many ways to enjoy sobrasada. Fry up and spread on crusty bread, so easy and delicious, pair with scrambled eggs for a yummy breakfast, or, use as a tasty ingredient in pasta! We recommend trying the recipe below to really let the flavours of this special salumi, called sobrasada, shine...

Sobrassada and Manchego Chestnut Honey Toasts!     

Sobrassada and Manchego Chestnut Honey Toasts!



100g Sobrasada (sliced)

Baguette sliced

50g Shaved Manchego

1tbs Chestnut Honey


1.   Heat fry pan over a medium heat.

2.   Use half the saucepan to fry sobasada pieces and half to crisp the bread pieces making sure not to overcrowd. You want the bread to soak up the juices released from the sobrasada.

3.   Fry until bread is crisp and sobrasada is browned.

4.   Place toast on large plate, top pieces with Sobrasada, sprinkle over Manchego shavings and drizzle with chestnut honey

5. Enjoy!