Pork Ewe, Bringing the passion of Europe to Newcastle.

One of the most common question’s I am asked is, “how did you come about starting a European Deli in Newcastle?”. Well it’s something that myself and Craig would never have envisioned growing up. Both from typical Aussie parents who enjoyed their meat and three veg.

That all changed during our extensive travels around the world, having been exposed to so many different cultures and diverse cuisine our passion for food was ignited… In fact, that’s how we met, backpacking through Ethiopia, in 2009!

Later that year, back in Australia, Craig returned to Melbourne for work, while I returned to winemaking in the Hunter Valley. We would spend our weekends together eating and drinking through the wonderful deli’s and markets all over Melbourne. We loved it so much that the idea to one day open our own deli was born.

In 2013, I spent six weeks making wine in Burgundy, France, with the intention of continuing a career as a winemaker. However, six weeks into my French winemaking career. After eating and tasting loads of local, regional French cheese, my love affair with wine was replaced by the humble fromage… Living with a wonderfully generous local family, I experienced the full force of the French culture and cuisine. At the local markets in Beaune, tables buckled under the weight of saucisson (French salami) in all shapes and sizes, which were available in many different flavours. The enormous wheels of cheese were stacked one on top the other, with samples being handed out to all the discerning locals. Being in Beaune proved to be a delicious gastronomic over load for this typical Aussie girl, who grew up on meat and three veg.

And, so the cheesy seeds were planted and before we knew it Pork Ewe Deli had opened its doors in Mayfield, Newcastle bringing to life the real tastes of Europe in the Hunter Valley.