Warming Winter Cheese

We have the perfect cure for this cold, wet and windy weather and it comes in the form of cheese! Wheels of Europe’s finest winter cheeses, made for melting, grilling and baking, made to fill us up and make us happy!

What could be more satisfying than sitting around a plate of warm molten, oozing, bubbling cheese on a cold winters night? The problem is, what will you choose?

Raclette, the national dish of the Swiss Alps! With lashings of grilled raclette cheese smothering boiled potatoes, pickled vegetables and cured meats, this hearty dish will have you yodelling in no time!

Or will your Fondue? A good glug of white wine, a dash of garlic and handfuls of grated gruyere all come together in a wonderful lava like liquid gold! The rich nuttiness of the gruyere is balanced with the acidity and flavour of the wine! Grab a baguette and roll up your sleeves, you are about to fondue!

But then there is baked camembert! Cover its wooden box with a little alfoil protection, throw some rosemary and garlic on top, a splash of vino and into the oven! Et Voila! You have perfection! The hot, molten interior oozes out the cracked rind and the smell is oh so good; forest mushrooms, truffles and barnyard aromas mingle with the rosemary, garlic and wine…..oh what a heady combination! 


Oh glorious cheese, where would we be without you to brighten up our winter!