Truffle Lovers Hamper


Truffle Lovers Hamper

Sheer delight and indulgence, this is one decadent hamper.

French Black Truffle Oil 200ml

Black truffle infused oil adds a burst of flavour to your dish. This decadent oil is not to be used as a cooking oil but a finishing touch to your dish, try drizzled over cheese, pizza, gnocchi or caprese salad.

French Gold Truffle Mustard 130g

Made with gold dust and scented with white truffles. This mustard will beautifully accompany a wide array of dishes from meat through to salads and the bright gold colour and indulgent truffle flavour will wow your guests.

Fench Sea Salt with Black Pepper and Truffle 110g

Take your seasoning up a notch with this very French collaboration of sea salt, black pepper and truffle.

TartufLanghe Porcini Mushroom and Black Truffle Cream 90g

Packed full of intense porcini and truffle flavours, simply add a small amount of this concentrate to your favourite recipe and find yourself transported to the streets of Italy.

Brezzo Italian Truffle Honey 100g

hese Italian honey experts use non-thermal extraction treatments to ensure the honey is handled as gently as possible. This wildflower honey is light and floral with shaved black truffle adding a rich, aromatic flavour and perfume. Serve it with your favourite blue vein or hard cheese. 

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