Italian Pantry Hamper


Italian Pantry Hamper

Filled with the finest ingredients to showcase the very best of Italy.

Pastificio Venturino Pasta 500g

Artisan Italian pasta, using classic home-made recipes from Pastificio Venturino demonstrating decades of tradition.

Acetaia Reale Balsamic of Modena Serie 2 250ml

White balsamic vinegar Classic balsamic vinegar from the farmhouse producer Acetaia Reale in Modena, Italy. A kitchen staple idea for use in dressing and marinades. 

Acetaia Reale White Balsamic Serie 4  250ml

White balsamic vinegar with a fresh, balanced taste. A light amber colour, it adds fruity, acidic flavour. Use in dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades for poultry. From Acetaia Reale – a farmhouse vinegar producer in Modena, Italy.

"San Marzano" Whole, Peeled Tomatoes: D.O.P. 580g

This beautiful glass jar contains whole, peeled San Marzano tomatoes in their own juices. The DOP certification ensures the best quality and flavour of tomatoes from the Agro Sarnese Nocerino near Naples. Use them on absolutely everything for fresh "just picked" tomato flavor.

TartufLanghe Fondue Cream with Truffle 180g

The Cheese fondue is a decadent cheese cream made with PDO Fontina cheese and truffle. Excellent for thickening risotto, to dress gnocchi, ravioli, short pasta, to glazed boiled asparagus, eggs, vegetable flans, cotechini and stuffed meats.

DeCarlo Green Olive Tapanae 100g

A stunning Green olive "creme". Eat it straight from the jar or add to pasta, baked goods such as bread and tarts. Eat it with cheese, charcuterie and BBQ meats like chicken and fish. It can be added to a dressing or spread onto toast. 

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